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Clan Leaders→ Layla & Kevbo
Clan Co-Leaders★Carl McCoy ★Wes23Rock ★Ricardo ★Ray ★Jediknight2016 ★Vincenzo

About Our Clan:
We used to be The Elites and changed to ELITES* Our name is now easily found under the clan search. Although we have many new members our old members are still welcome. Our goal is to grow together into a top clan and most importantly have fun while doing it. We have war on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our Co-Leaders are hand picked from the best and our Elders are our top contributers. Elders and Co-leaders are expected to keep donation ratios fair and recruit new clan members. Co-Leaders are expected to be the eye in the sky when the Leaders are not available and keep peace between members. And to also take up tough decisions with the Leaders for the best over all well being of the majority of the clan. We will periodically have trophy and level pushes to keep our Members entertained and active. WE DO NOT APPRICIATE  HOPPERS. You are either with us all the way or be on your way. Please be respectful and remember that our members are all ages. Any inconcideration , harrassing , or improper behavior will result in the boot. Remember this is a game that is ment for the intent of having fun so lets have fun !  Clash on

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